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About the Book

How did this book come about?

After receiving the same money questions over and over, I would write notes on that subject and then, when asked, send them out. After I had written papers on 25 financial topics, feedback from readers made it clear that most did not have financial basics; there were still too many holes in their financial knowledge. I ultimately decided to write the whole financial foundation, A to Z, so that friends and colleagues have the basics to make solid decisions.

Who is this book for?

  • Anyone unsure of their financial decision-making
  • Anyone with financial ambition
  • Those living on their own for the first time: high school and college graduates
  • Anyone considering retirement

Is this book different from other personal finance books?

Many friends and colleagues who ask for help have already read the popular books and blogs on personal finance. These resources lack key elements, in my opinion, so I wrote “Financial Literacy” to supply a complete blueprint; including crucial advice not found elsewhere.

Table of Contents

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