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Rewards must be earned first

Who wouldn’t want to live a spoiled life?

Unfortunately, there is a life lesson about earning that most people need to learn the hard way. Earning does not just refer to money; it is also what you gain from putting in focused effort such as experience, practice, training, creativity, grit and more. The lesson is simple: earn first and then reap the rewards later if you want them to be sustainable. A family friend continually rejects this lesson and I fear for the struggles she will face as the consequences pile up. She wants it all, now, and is not interested in earning anything up front. Sadly, the slightest push back of advice prompts defensive anger from her.

Below are some variations of this lesson:

  • Study first, play later
  • Work first, play later
  • Earn first, spend later
  • Date first, romance later
  • Stability first, family later
  • Battle first, relax later
  • Plan first, act later
  • Your reap what you sow
  • Do the work, then enjoy the results
  • And of course: No pain, no gain

However you want to phrase the lesson, effort must be expended upfront for there to be sustainable or reliable results on the other side.

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