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“I am 51 years old and can’t believe that I didn’t know anything in this book.”

“Finished reading your book and found it very easy to read, friendly, and conceptually sound.”

“After filling out your schedules I feel a lot more confident about handling money.”

“Anyone starting their career should read this now.”

“There is a lot of good information in this book.”

“It is written in such a friendly manner that it was easy to get through it.”

“Wow – it is comprehensive! I think it is the content of three books.”

“It is a really easy read and I like the real life examples. The examples put the ideas more into perspective.”

“After finishing it, I have definitely been analyzing the way I handle money and what I need to improve on.”

“Really nice, I liked the extensive list of ‘traits’. Should be a gift for college graduates.”

“This should be a Christmas stocking stuffer for every high school graduate heading off into the big bad world.”

“Simplifies seemingly complex issues. It is easy to read without being condescending.”

“Incredibly informative, a no-nonsense approach, and a lot to digest.”

“You won’t find an easier book to read on the details of money management.”

“Well done book on personal finance, you distilled it ¬†down to a high density of concepts and concrete examples. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“It is easy to read and laid out clearly, you can tell he is a sharp guy. I like that he credits his father.”

“This guy is like a finance college professor, a lot of depth!”

“Your book transformed our finances.”

“I’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad books, but your book was an eye opener.”


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